The Equus Noir Journey Continues

Kerry Hendry DSC_9126

I’m recently back from a trip to photograph the white horses of the Camargue, somewhere I have visited before and have always felt and incredible draw to return.

The horses in this area are incredibly brave and hardy – originally bred to work the (terrifying!!) black bulls of the region. I am definitely not a bull person.

Obviously a lot of photographers travel to this area every year and you can see why. Watching the horses gallop through the lagoons is mesmerising & exhilarating. It makes your heart race just being there. It’s a horse lovers’ nirvana, with the horses curious, enquiring & friendly. It’s a true privilege just to spend time among these beautiful animals.

My challenge was to take my signature ‘Equus Noir’ style to the Camargue, stay true to my own personal journey and create something unique. I’m really pleased with this image – and it fills me with energy to continue the Equus Noir journey.

Don’t get me wrong – temptation was great – and I’ve enjoyed capturing those spectacular gallops in a more traditional way too. Movement fascinates me – so brace for impressionist style images.

But this post is about owning your dreams and your creativity – and continuing my Equus Noir journey. It’s about coming home with salt in your hair, sand in your shoes, remembering why you get up at 4.15am in the dark to dress in waders, engulfed in a cloud of deet.

Life is about experiences and adventure too – so sometimes it’s good to put the camera down and enjoy and absorb the moment.

Kerry xx

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