Equus Noir


When I first started photographing horses it was like stepping into a magical horsey Narnia…  Combining two things I really loved.  I still believe that if you really love what you shoot, it shows.  I’ve always wanted to produce horse photography that horsey people will love.  Shape, form, body language – it can truly make or break an image – and those ‘in the know’, know!

I still love capturing horses, their magnificence, their spirit, their beauty in many different ways.

This is one of my favourite images – definitely ‘less is more’ but still showing the beautiful stallion in all his exquisite curvy, powerful glory. It makes me want to go and run my hand over his beautiful cresty neck, or over the powerful curve of his hind quarters.  I’ve been working on this style of photography for some time, and only now do I feel I’ve got it right.   Welcome to “Equus Noir’.

For the full collection, please see my ‘Latest Work’ gallery.

Keep following those dreams xx

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