I’m always intrigued as to which images people choose and I don’t normally talk about my own personal ‘favourites’.  However!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, but this image pretty much sums up my current dreams and intentions.  When life seems crazier than ever, when everyone is rushing around, wearing ‘busy’ like a badge of honour, some days I just want to get off.  Well, actually I want to get off the merry-go-round of the everyday, get ON my horse and cut loose.  I love riding bareback.  It’s like being 12 again, before falling off started to hurt.

I want to feel the wind in my hair (sorry Health & Safety), the salt on my skin, the power and movement of the horse underneath me. I want to feel risk and excitement, for my senses to be truly awakened.

This image embodies freedom to me.  Galloping away, carefree, to a wilder place.    I can’t imagine many things better.

I truly believe we’re losing our sense of ‘wild’ these days – so many rules, expectations to conform, we are in danger of our individuality being diluted.

Wild, not as in partying and doing outrageous things, but as in re-connecting, grounding, learning to breathe again, rediscovering and trusting our instincts. Intuition is a powerful gift, one we should follow and not fear.

People often ask if I have my own images on the wall at home – the answer is a few, but not many.

This however will be one.  Carousel.


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